A 404 error and the Stop the War Coalition


This site is a resource for all those who need or want to know what the Stop the War Coalition really says and means.

Got a 404 when you visited the Stop the War Coalition site? That’s because Stop the War has launched a war against its own website. Stop the War Coalition is desperately filleting their web site of incriminating, nauseating and racist material.

If you are looking for an article from the Stop the War website that blames everything on the West, or one written by or referencing an active antisemite, it may now have been deleted.

If so, this site could be for you.

It is a collection of links, references and short critiques that relate to the British Stop the War Coalition. We’ll also be highlighting articles not yet culled that lurk in the depths of the Stop the War Site.

Stop the War’s co-founder and their past chair, Jeremy Corbyn, is now leader of the Labour Party. Pure speculation, but the recent Night of the Long Knives at the Stop the War website may possibly be related to the sudden and uncomfortable scrutiny that STW now find themselves under and the rash of revisions to their published content.

But the truth must out, so this is a record of the Stop the War Coalition’s stupidity, nihilism and pandering to racism.


Soupy, Saul & our contributors/collaborators at the Real Stop the War.



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